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I enjoyed a nearly thirty year airline career with a major U.S. carrier. I began flying when first class was a five course meal that included caviar and toast points and ended with  hot fudge sundaes and Godiva chocolates. Our uniforms were about nine inches above the knee cap and we wore hats, gloves were optional the year I started flying. My exciting airline career ended a few years after the terror attack of 9/11.

I retired from flying in 2004 and was very much enjoying my retirement. One day, I thought I would write a fun easy to read novel about what life was like living in the jet stream and traveling the world. Much to my surprise while searching the internet for a name for a character, I discovered that at least a half a dozen of the nineteen accused hijackers were still alive and well living in the middle east.  The Saudi government was very angry with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney General admitted that the hijackers had used stolen identity!

The 9/11 event had such a drastic effect on the airline industry and my own life that I was stunned to read that the U.S. Government was admitting that they really didn't know who the hijackers were. Learning this seven or eight years after the attacks and seeing that those accused and name by the U.S.Government were headed into history as the culprits.

After the release of my first two novels exposing the truth about 9/11, I was attacked by people who apparently had no interest in the truth, or were helping the real perpetrators to cover it up.  Several  internet lunatics tried unsuccessfully to discredit me by attacking me and a dozen other people they claimed were really me.  My personal experience with whacked out old professors and radio host wanna-be's showed me why the truth about 9/11 had never been exposed.

Book three in the series will take you to the conclusion and you will learn more about the stolen gold, who had foreknowledge of the "attacks" and what 9/11 was really all about.  By visiting my personal webpage you can also learn identities of those trolls online who are  working against the truth and for the perpetrators.

For those of you interested in non-fiction, I do plan to write a book about my real life experience as a retired flight attendant turned best selling author and what happened to me as I uncovered and  exposed the truth. I will be showing the FOIA data I used as a basis for my novels.

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