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     Welcome to the home page for my latest novel in the "Methodical" series, the Methodical Conclusion.

     Since the release of my first two books, I have been joined by some incredible aviation experts and miraculously, together we have read through thousands of pages of U.S. government data from 9/11. This data is mostly from nearly a terabyte of Freedom of Information Act requests that were made over several years time by someone who could not find any researcher interested to read through it.  When I discovered that this FOIA data was available for the cost of an external hard drive and some shipping, I immediately got my hands on this information.

     Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible for me to read, however as luck would have it, some very qualified aviation professionals contacted me and offered to help read through this data. Once they had read the first two books and had a better idea of what really happened, they also had a better eye for finding the irregularities in the data.

     I used this new information to create the continuing story using some of the characters you met in Methodical Illusion and Methodical Deception.  As an airline professional for over thirty years, I found myself shocked and horrified more than once in the process of uncovering who did what and how it was done along with who covered it all up and why. This is one time in my life I found myself saying, "Truth is stranger than fiction, and nobody will believe this is based on real government documents."  Some of the guys I have been working with keep saying, "They never ever dreamed this would be uncovered." 

     I hope you enjoy reading this new book, the conclusion to this series but not necessarily the conclusion to my investigations and writing.  I do plan to write a non-fiction book and will put some of the FOIA data into that book.

     If you have not read my first book Methodical Illusion you can purchase autographed books at my secure online store here is a link. You can also order the other books and save money by purchasing them as a set in either hard or soft cover.
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